Reflections of Eden


This piece for solo clarinet and string orchestra uses a melody I first wrote while visiting my grandmother in early 2018. She passed away later that year. With that melody, I combined it with simple accompaniment that conveys a sense of idyllic peace with subtle movement.

Waltz in E minor


This solo piano piece has an unusual origin. At one point in 2018, I became quite ill with an infection that congested me to the point of 95% hearing loss (and that remaining 5% so distorted and fuzzy it was painful to hear). In this miserable state I could not watch TV, read, or listen to any entertainment. As I lay in bed one night, trying to sleep, this melody came to me, running through my head for hours before I finally got up in the early morning to commit it to paper. With a keyboard and headphones with volume turned up, I wrote the first theme in this piece. The rest of it came together in the next couple of months, but the main theme remained largely unchanged.

This piece is dedicated to my darling wife Leticia.

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Each Life That Touches Ours For Good


This is my piano arrangement of A. Laurence Lyon’s beautiful hymn. I wrote this piece in 1997, when I was a teenager, before my “dark ages” when I did almost no music writing.

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